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Burberry ____________________________________________________________ __ By Satish S. Kamble (Student ID no.1033395) Submitted a report of (Course No.-SHR027-6) “International Business Environment”. On May 11, 2011. …………………………………… Particulars Page A. Executive summery ............. 1 B. Contents 1 – Introduction ............. 2 2 –…show more content…
In 2005-06 annual report, management had planned to redesign the supply chain and also launched a five year redesign program for effectiveness of the business. Management said that their success in the market only because of a strong brand trademark and proprietary rights. Burberry is responsible to pay a reasonable wages, recruiting capable employees and giving training to them and more focus on removing communication gap between all levels of employee by offering competitive salary and welfare through its corporate social responsibility. The decision taken by top management on sept.2006 for closing Wales factory directly affecting on 300 workers who are affiliated to GMB (Britain’s General Union) which is leading union having 0.6 million members throughout the UK. Union has trying to put the pressure on management by taking the support of some local political parties. This report is a future prospect of Burberry business in China which has to move strategically in new business market by taking consideration of HR aspects like PESTE analysis, HR issues, challenges and course of actions for both host and home country and remedies by HR director for overcoming workers problem occurred at Wales factory. 2. Main body / Analysis – A) PESTE analysis-The political, economical, social, technological and environmental factors of China are important for Burberry set up, so just have a look in detail, 1. Political

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