Burberry a Case Study

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Controlling Your Business

Assignment – Critical Evaluation of Burberry LTD
Focussed on Human Resources, Information Management and Knowledge Management.

Amy Lawrence
BSc. Business Communications

Tutors: Mike Swain and Gwenda Mynott

Contents Introduction 2 Burberry Limited 2 Human Resource Management 3 Information Management 3 Knowledge Management 4 Conclusion 5 Bibliography 6

Considering the impact of Burberrys closure of its Wales plant at Treorchy, Rhondda, and plans to relocate to China this report considers the impact to Human Resources, Information Management and Knowledge Management. Extensive research into the closure from media coverage at the time paints an
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Once the location of the new factory is decided, HR has the task of recruitment. Following the resourcing process from job analysis to the selection process, HR will work alongside management to employ new staff. A job description will be created including, Title of Job, Grade/Salary Level of Job, Title of Immediate Superior’s Job, Number of Subordinates, Overall Purpose of the Job, Principal Responsibilities of the Job, Limits of Authority and Location of Job. The selection process can be narrowed by using the following methods, Curriculum vitae (CV) or an application form, the selection interview, Psychological tests and short listing for a second interview process. Once selected, staff must undergo sufficient training managed by HR.
Writing for The Mirror, Luck (2007) drew attention to the Tai Yi Sheng Fashion Factory in China using an undercover probe to investigate if Burberry where in line with such legislation. Our findings have sparked an immediate investigation by Burberry, because China has no real trade unions, staff say they have little choice but to do as they 're told - and those who protest face instant dismissal. Burberry responded to these accusations, "If we discover that a factory has workers doing overtime beyond the legally allowed hours, we would work with them to change this." With Burberry operating in many countries around the world, their Human resource function must frequent with each country’s

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