Bureau Of Indian Affairs Recruiting And Retention

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Bureau of Indian Affairs Recruiting and Retention

This report is to investigate the important elements of a research paper for the class Portfolio Project. The Portfolio Project research for this class is on the problem with Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIE) school’s retaining and recruiting teachers. The report will be in accordance to CSU-Global, (2010) 5 research problems outlined. This outline include the topic, research problem, and research problem, evidence for the importance of the problem; the knowledge that is missing to be determined and the audience.
The topic
There are 31 elementary and high schools with the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) on the Navajo Reservation; within the 31 there are 15 New Mexico (NM) and 14 Arizona (AZ) schools. Most of these schools are located in rural and urban areas. Many of the schools are not staff to capacity to meet the student’s academic need. Today, the student teacher rations are not meet due to rural location of schools. Retaining teachers is difficult, because of the isolated area of schools; many of the teachers choose not to drive the distance to nearby towns or city.
“Teacher shortages are essentially a problem of distribution (Darling-Hammond, 2001; Ingersoll, 2001; National Association of State Boards of Education, 1998; Olson, 2000; Reeves, 2003; Voke, 2002). According to recent studies, hardest to find are teachers who are both qualified and willing to teach in hard-to-staff schools, which included those in

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