Bureau Valley 's School Board

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Bureau Valley’s school board is comprised of seven members. Each member represents a section of the district. These board members are very prominent figures in our communities; they have much of the communities support. Although popularity, may not be what is best for the students. Looking at the Bureau Valley school board mandates, they are ultimately only required to do 4 hours of training and attend a few meetings when elected (Bureau Valley 2013, 120). Unfortunately, it is 2016 and the board member with the most recent training of any sort happened in March of 2014, almost two years ago. David E. Lee and Daniel W. Eadens, authors of “The Problem: Low-Achieving Districts and Low-Performance Boards,” find that school boards like Bureau Valley’s are not uncommon. Lee and Eadens find that most school board members only receive about “six hours of training per year,” compared to Bureau Valley’s four per election, our board is severely undereducated (Lee and Eadens 2014, 3). These are the people my parents trusted to do what was best for my brother and me. While parents may favor these men because of their social status, the students may tell you a different story. April of my freshman year, four teachers got pink slipped, 2 P.E teacher, a Math teacher, and an English teacher. The students fought hard to keep these teachers, especially Coach English, a female P.E. teacher and Mr. Price, the junior English teacher. Coach English, at the time was the only female P.E. teacher at
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