Bureau of Prisons Regulatory Agency

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Bureau of Prisons Regulatory Agency Health Care is not just of concern to the private sector. Health Care reaches into the prison system as well. Federal and state laws have been created to ensure that the prison system provides health care through the medical facilities available. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is the government agency that regulates the health care that is given to federal inmates in the United States. The BOP licenses’, certifies, accredits, and runs the background checks necessary to obtain employment. Agency’s role Created on May 14, 1930 by President Herbert Hoover the Federal Bureau of Prisons is a subdivision of the United States Justice Department. The BOP is responsible for the administration of…show more content…
The facility is in Terre Haute, Indiana. The last person executed at the Terre Haute facility was Timothy McVey who bombed the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building killing 168 people. He was executed June 11, 2001. Regulatory authority The Federal Bureau of Prisons must adhere to regulations when providing health care to the inmate population. Regulations and guidelines may vary from facility to facility, but the BOP has the authority to intervene regardless the situation. The BOP is responsible for maintaining the regulations that are used so that inmates are not abused or under cared for. Health care services are regulated by the BOP and adherence to the regulations established must be followed by the individual facilities. The Bureau of Prisons carefully lists the inmate’s health care rights and the inmate’s responsibilities in order have access those rights. In the Federal Correction Institution at Terminal Island, California the Inmate Information Handbook lists out the specific rights to health care access each inmate has and then the handbook lists the inmate’s responsibility to be able to access the health care. An example is the inmate has the right to access all services on Terminal Island including medical, dental, and all support services but the
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