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ABSTRACT Bureaucracy is all about the rules and regulations to manage a particular activity in the organization. This paper is about how bureaucracy used in old organizations and how it affected the processes of new organizations. It explains how bureaucracy is not applicable in today’s business environment because of many facts. As years went through there was a drastic change in the operations of the organisation. The concern moved from organization to customer service, so the bureaucratic organizations changed their strategy from bureaucracy to customer service, this include government organizations also. Different authors thought about issue the issue different and this is explained in a very lucid language in this paper.…show more content…
They demand the better quality of product and long term services. The growth of successful companies depends on their long term business planning. The process is to identify and pursue core technologies and competencies to increase the growth of organization. (Gerald B Dyer, 1994) ❖ To provide superior customer service: In the survey of some companies, it was found that the utility and telephone companies were focusing on the customers who are the maximum part of businesses. The firms that provide better services, it is very difficult to offer loyalties towards increasing the productivity. For example, Sears Automotive Division implemented the commission based structure which requires its mechanical engineers to meet some specific quotas. In contrast with this, Sears are blamed for charging more to the customers with the unnecessary repairs of the automobiles by the Department of Customer Affairs, California. (Jane Applegate, 1992) ❖ Providing unique services: This includes implementing best customer care programs. In this regard, the departmental stores provide lunch and snacks to their customers who shops. Some employers help the out station customers with the schedules of their travel and accommodation. ❖ Implementation of Improvement & Benchmarking To improve the business processes, the complaints of the customers & reasons for the return of products should be tracked. This ensures that the desired improvements are

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