Bureaucracy Is An Efficient System Bureaucracy

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The German Sociologist, Max Weber, once said "This passion for bureaucracy ... is enough to drive one to despair. It 's as if in politics...we were deliberately to become men who 'need ' order and nothing but order" ( Max Weber brings attention to the consequences of bureaucracy. Although bureaucracy is an efficient system that allows maximum production to occur, bureaucracy has resulted in the loss of individualism and is particularly undemocratic. In public administration, bureaucracy plays a major role in how many institutions function however, tensions arise between democracies and bureaucracies as a result. Bureaucracy and democracy are conflicting forces due to the difference of ideals between the two systems because of: hierarchical demands, authoritarian arrangement and demoralization present in a bureaucracy. Democracy is changing as a whole due to the impacts of globalization which ultimately clashes with bureaucracy resulting in: the loss of power of bureaucratic organizations, reduction of public administration and compromisation of a country 's sovereignty due to the growing interdependence of different states. In public administration, bureaucracy and democracy are two contradictory forces that conflict due to their differences in ideologies and the impact of globalization on the two different structures. To begin with, tensions arise between bureaucracy and democracy since the ideals conflict of both organizations due to the hierarchical
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