Bureaucracy Is Not Only A Rational Type Of Human Organizations

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Is corporate culture the answer to depersonalised, bureaucratic work (Weber, 1922) or is it simply the continuation of bureaucratic control by other means?

“Bureaucracy is not only a rational type of human organizations; it has the potential to provide the setting both for constructive human relationships and for individual creative expression and satisfaction.” (Jaques, 1976) (Bureaucracy is not diminished through the modern world business essay, no date). Some believe hierarchy and bureaucracy is a natural and inevitable part of society while some believe that it is an unnecessary evil that must be done away with. Bureaucracy is not an unfamiliar or relatively new concept, although the term was only coined in the mid 18th century, the use of organised and consistent administrative systems can be traced back as far as 3500 BCE. (Bureaucracy, 2015) Since then, bureaucracy has risen astronomically and is now intertwined with nigh to all aspects that govern our daily interactions with the world. The rising dominance of bureaucracy prompted numerous prominent minds to ponder upon the “iron cage”. (Iron Cage, 2015) After rigorously being subject to scrutiny by thinkers and businesspeople alike, the cracks in the foundation of bureaucratic systems became apparent and it slowly started to be driven out by a new system dubbed “corporate culture”. Albeit, corporate culture is a move in the right direction away from traditional bureaucracy, it still is inherently bureaucratic in…
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