Bureaucratic And Government Organizations : Policies And Bottlenecks

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Bureaucratic and Government organizations: Policies and Bottlenecks in clean energy investments.

Developing countries needs huge investment in energy sector to achieve development goals
Deployment of new clean technology can help meet two objective in energy sector: to improve access to and reliability on modern energy services and to help shift to sustainable energy development. Modern era technology has the potential to increase the availability of cleaner energy at low cost and maintaining environmental sustainability. In developing countries 2.4 billion people still use biomass for cooking, 1.6 women and children die each year from indoor air-pollution. 1.6 billion People have no
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Assessment is based upon feasibility, financial viability, risk involved in implementation, macroeconomic stability, educated class, infrastructure functional bureaucracy, law and policies of government, as well as sentiment of market regarding that product and service.
Lack of clear guidance, market structure, and lack of incentives for clean energy production, regulation and implementation can be a barrier in execution of clean energy projects. These problems have different facet in different countries and pose different danger. Integrated framework for technical and financial support to private players should be set up. Bilateral and regional trade agreements should be to foster investment in energy and to fulfill the objective of energy efficiency (OECD, 2007).
Global new investment in renewable energy Total new investment including
, developed vs. developing countries, govt`s R&D and total financial 2005-2012, $bn investment, 2005-12, $bn Source: UNEP, Bloomberg new energy finance 2012
Clean energy sources includes wind, solar, thermal, ocean, geothermal, bioenergy, hydro, marine and ethanol. Clean energy can also include non-renewable low carbon technologies such
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