Bureaucratic Control and Its Changes With Management Techniques

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This essay will explain the definition of bureaucratic control and some changes happened on it as management techniques alter. We will firstly illustrate how control changes as management move towards to human relation management. Then, the changes of controls when empowerment is imposed on management and workers become self-managed. However, no matter how bureaucratic controls have changed the controls or the rules always exist. I will start the definition of bureaucratic control from Weber’s bureaucracy organization. According to Weber, bureaucracy is assumed the most efficient type where workers are all working under an ‘ideal’ situation. One of the characteristics of bureaucracy is that there are well developed rules, procedures and…show more content…
Finally, Williams (2006) announced that with these approaches related to human relations, controls are not disappear, but just move from external control based on rules, standards and procedures to a more internal control care more about real feelings, emotions . So far, we have discussed how bureaucratic control changed as management pay more attention on human relations. Now we will see the situation where empowerment and commitment are exerting into organization management and how organizations use market control, bureaucratic control, clan controls and sometimes combinations of these controls to manage business. By definition, clan control works through imbuing shared values and common goals to encourage employees to put more efforts into organization to maximize the profit of the organization. This type of control usually does not need a close supervision over workers as workers know that they could reach their own values or goals as they have same values and goals with business (Ketchen and Short 2012). Market control explained by Ouchi (1980) is controlling employers’ performance and output through market exchange, which means every product that organization produced has a price and this price relies on the competition in the market when market transactions exist. In some cases, business will use the combination of these controls to derive the expected outcome. Hoogeven (2004) illustrate clan control by taking Telework as an example to explore clan control
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