Bureaucratic Model Of Disaster Management

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The Bureaucratic model of disaster management systems in Myanmar Disaster management system in Myanmar can be divided by political juntas such as kingdom era, colonial period (1885-1948), independent civil government (1948-1989), military junta (1989-2011) and democratic government (2011-present). In kingdom era, bureaucratic model for local affairs which include disaster management can be describe as a centralized management system (Furnivall,1956). The Supreme King or the Crown was the highest level of government in decision making and the advisory council or high court was the supporting body of King’s decision making (Furnivall, 1956). Their roles were collecting information from two main sources such as Subordinate Kings and Vassals …show more content…

It is expected that department of agriculture and rural economy, department of finance and revenue and evacuee welfare and rehabilitation department would be the key departments for disaster management in British colonial Burma as of figure (2) (His Majesty's Stationary Office,1945). Figure.2. The administrative structure of British-Burma (His Majesty's Stationary Office,1945, p.52) Independent Civil Government (1948-1989): a case of Bagan Earthquake The Bagan earthquake was happened in 8 of July 1975 (18:30) with the magnitude of 6.8 (Richter scales) (Myint, 1975). The ancient Bagan where there have the numerous and precious historical heritage pagodas have been struck and 80 percent of the pagodas were damaged and three oil factories were destroyed (Myint, 1975). The government of Myanmar established a bureaucratic model to respond to and recover from earthquake (figure.3). Figure.3. Bagan Earthquake response and recovery committee (Myint, 1975) According to the model, there were two levels such as central committee and special task force in government lead earthquake response and recovery (Myint, 1975). Central committee was chaired by Prime Minister of the state with two Ministerial members. The quake destroyed and damaged to the heritage of Myanmar, so that Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Construction was the decision-making support body of Central committee and architectural design team from construction and experts from Yangon Institute

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