Bureaucratic Standardization In Foxconn Factory

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Lastly, bureaucratic standardization could not be neglected in the suicide tragedy in Foxconn. This essay will analyze how the strict standardization influences Foxconn factory. Pun and Chan (2012: 38) have found that a frontline worker in Foxconn factory must finish 5 tasks in 10 seconds, so each task only takes 2 seconds to complete in an assembly line. They (2012: 38) also explain that Foxconn factory uses non-human technology, like stopwatches and industrial electronic devices to monitor frontline workers, in order to ensure the output target. Setting strict standardization for production is a practice of just-in-time method, aiming to maximize productions and keep workers under close surveillance. Furthermore, every employee in Foxconn factory is designed and predicted in a standard way to perform their own duty. For example, workers in assembly lines have been trained to follow fixed steps in manufacturing process. Although leaders and managers in Foxconn factory believe that strict standardization ensures bureaucratic efficiency, frontline workers feel themselves as parts of the machines or even lower than the machines. (Pun and Chan, 2012: 38) This essay explains that the whole process in Foxconn factory runs like machines, which does dehumanization to some extent and demotivates innovation among employees. (Grey, 2013, p.87) To conclude, bureaucratic standardization partly leads to the jumping event in Foxconn factory.

In summary, scientific management, hierarchy
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