Burger King Beefs Up Global Operations

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Mariajosé Grüber MGT 350 Case #3: Burger King Beefs Up Global Operations 1. By mid-2009, Burger King was not in any of the following five countries: France, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa. Compare these countries as possible future locations for Burger King. We can compare these countries, according to the six principal characteristics that Burger King (BK) looks for in new countries to enter. These characteristics are: large population, high consumption of beef, availability of capital to franchisees for growth, safe pro-business environment, growth in shopping centers, and availability of potential franchisee experience and resources. In one hand, Nigeria and Pakistan can be prospective countries to enter since they are part of the Next Eleven countries, which are potential countries to have the highest economies of the 21st century. On the other hand, Pakistan’s governmental problems and terrorism can become a problem when entering this country. Another disadvantage is the poor population of Nigeria and its corruption, in addition, to the language difficulty since there are more than 550 languages spoken there. The most challenging obstacle, in a country like India, would be the religion. In this country most people are Hindu, and they do not eat beef. Therefore, being the beef burger the main product on BK’s menu its future in this country can be uncertain. But, India’s large population is very attractive and BK can then engage in acculturation and modify

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