Burger King Case Analysis

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BURGER KING VIEWPOINT This case was analyzed from the point of view of Burger King’s Marketing Manager. TIME CONTEXT The case happened in September of the 2010. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM • How to minimize the negative feedback/perception of the company’s buy-in from a private company? • What measures could Burger King do to dethrone McDonald’s as well as hold off the challenge of a number of other chains that were growing in size and competitive power? STATEMENT OF THE OBJECTIVES • To boost the image/brand image of the company. • To assess the company’s overall performance, • To provide measure(s) to improve the company’s performance in the market. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION Strengths 1. Strong market position.…show more content…
• The phenomenal increase is facilitated by an annual 10% growth in the amount that Americans spent on meals away from home. • The fast-food industry is composed of numerous national and regional chains. Sales • Burger King’s sales have been falling steadily over recent quarters and were down 2.3% in the year to the end of June, while profits were flat compared to the same period a year earlier. Marketing |Advertising Campaign |Marketing strategy |Result & Flaws(if any) | |Have it your way |Focused on sending message that burgers are | | | |made according to customer requests not | | | |standardized | | |Battle of Burgers & Broiling Vs Frying |Focused on its USP (flame broiled burgers) & |Market share increased from 4% to 8.7% | | |advantages over McDonalds | | |Search for Herb |Disguised strategy |Campaign failed as the customers
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