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Burger King Beefs Up Global Operation

1. By mid-2009, Burger King was not in any of the following five countries: France, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa. Compare these countries as possible future locations for Burger King.
To me the first preference will go to the countries that have good amount of Non-Vegetable consumption in it. As Burger King is known for its Non-Vegetable products e.g. Beef and Hamburger and other beef products. Which can be famous in all the countries whose people consumes the beef and Non-Vegetable products most. In addition, where there is a good amount of youth too.
France, Pakistan, and South Africa will be the good and vast market for any country to Penetrate into it and get their business
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Two major ways in which Burger King differentiates itself from competitors are the way it cooks hamburgers— by its flame- broiled method as opposed to grills that fry— and the options it offers customers as to how they want their burgers. This latter distinction has been popularized with the “have it your way” theme.
3. About two-thirds of Burger King’s restaurants and revenues are in it American region (Unites States and Canada) and one-third elsewhere. Should this relationship change? If so, why and how?

I feel that this relationship should remain the same. It seems to be working for them and as the old saying goes, if it is not broken do not fix it.

4. The case mentions that Burger King prefers to enter countries with large numbers of youth and shopping centers. Why do you think these conditions would be advantageous?

Most fast food businesses prime target market is children and teenagers for the simple fact that they are the ones who prefer eating more fast food. In today’s society, it is more convenient at times just to run to your local burger joint and pick up a sandwich rather than spend time in the kitchen. Further, today’s family is more active and has more activities to do so hitting up your local fast food chain makes it easier. Teenagers everywhere hang out at the malls and shopping centers so having your fast food business in this location is a prime location.

5. How has Burger King’s headquarters location influenced

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