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Case Study: Burger King Beefs Up
By Janet Mosha
Burger King is the world’s largest chain of flame-broiled fast food restaurants. Its core competency is its flame-broiled burgers; whereas other fast food hamburger joints serve fried burgers or no burgers at all, Burger King offers the unique flame-broiled burgers with any options that a customer might like, consumers have the benefit of having a burger they cannot find elsewhere. Initially Burger King only sold burgers, fries, shakes, and sodas; but they have chosen to expand to offering chicken, fish, salads etc. Although they offer these extra items, they have elected to stay true to their original flame-broiled burgers and their chosen strategy is to focus on the whopper as their
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When people are in a center-like environment for example a mall then it is easier to pick whatever food is there rather than to look elsewhere and return to hang out or shop; therefore Burger King would have an upper hand if it is one of the foods available.
Burger King is headquartered in Miami, because of its near proximity to Latin America. This strategic position has allowed Burger King to ensure its presence in the Latin community. The South Americans who make a pit-stop in Miami in order to enter the United States are familiarize themselves with the Burger King products, and Burger King is also able to test the products on indigenous Latin community, before expanding to the Latin countries without the fear of undergoing rejection. This location in Miami has simplified their entry into the Latin countries and businesses seeking franchises find it easier to work with them. Burger King has strengthened their global competitive position in the Latin countries, but we find that these countries are not heavily populated; they should also try to expand to denser populations like those of China, India, Nigeria etc. this could prove to be more profitable in the long run. Burger King can use the South American countries to understand how to expand appropriately in other

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