Burger King International expansion

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Introduction Burger King is the world’s largest flame broiled fast food restaurant chain. As of 2011, Burger King operates restaurants in 12,300 locations serving over 11 million guests daily in 76 countries and territories worldwide (Burger King , 2011). Burger King’s core competency is its unique flame-broiled burgers. This process is difficult to imitate and helps differentiates Burger King from other fast food chains that fry their burgers instead. So much so in fact, no other fast food provider flame broils their burgers. In addition, Burger King allows and encourages consumers to customize the unique flame-broiled burgers with options to their liking. This creates a win-win situation for both Burger King and the consumer. Burger…show more content…
South Africa: Burger King entered South Africa in 2010. (Burger King , 2011) When entering another country, discuss the advantages and disadvantages that an international restaurant company, specifically Burger King, would have in comparison with a local company in that market. Burger King is a large company with vast resources. In comparison to a local company, Burger King could have inherent advantages when entering a new market. While people are familiar with fast food chains, Burger King differentiates itself not only in the products they offer but in the way they market their products. As an international company, Burger King could benefit from this brand recognition. This recognition helps ease the transition into new markets and could help stimulate sales. They can bring the benefits of economies to scale to bear in dealing with local suppliers. Burger King is able to adapt and experiment in the local environment given their expansive resources. Burger King can enhance their product mix to cater to local culture as well as demographics. The reception and ease of operation in foreign countries is generally favorable as they are investing in the local economy and providing jobs and services. Conversely, they may be unfamiliar with or understand the customs and culture of the indigenous people. Burger King may not be truly aware of what it is required to be successful in a particular country. Local

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