Burger King 's Successful Fast Food Restaurants

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Burger King is one of the most successful fast food restaurants in the world. Burger King has been very effective in applying their strategic vision and mission statement to build their brand. The leadership team has positioned Burger King for a path of continued domestic and international growth, because of a strong brand recognition and quality products. Burger King uses two generic strategies to deal with competition, they are differentiation and cost leadership. Cost leadership within Burger King is essential to minimize costs. This allows Burger King to control margins and operating costs. For Burger King to offer such competitive prices, they have to reduce operating costs, but at the same time they need to provide a quality product that the customers want. Burger King also uses a differentiation strategy. A good example would be the way they grill their products and the specific techniques they use for products such as the “Whopper”. The marketing teams has also formed slogans such as “Have It Your Way” and the most current slogan “Be Your Way”. These slogans attempt to form a differentiation pattern in the consumer’s minds. These marketing slogans are also used to attract new customers especially in the competitive market such as the fast food market. These techniques have allowed Burger King to reach out to new and current customers.

Burger King uses a pricing strategy that is based off of their successful cost leadership techniques. This is a vital component to

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