Burger King vs Scientific Management

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cientific management was a theory developed by Frederic Winslow Taylor(1856-1915) who was named “the father of scientific management”. Scientific management is a theory that indicates each worker should be trained in one specialized part only to simplify the jobs so they could perform at their best ability in order to increase productivity. After years of experiment and examining in the field of management, Taylor proposed four principles of scientific management.

(Internet centre of management and business administration, inc (2002-2007)) state that the first principle of scientific developed by Taylor was to replace rule –of-thumb work methods with methods based on a scientific study of the task. This showed that introducing
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The old method was to leave every worker to do all their trainings through working. They do not specialize the areas of their work and was lack of cooperation. The old method really wasted resources and decreased productivities. By introducing scientific management to Burger King, each worker has their own special area of work to do and provide trainings to them before they actually work. This helps the workers to get familiar with their work before they actually do the job. This saves a lot of resources as workers are trained professionals and increases productivities a lot.

Compare the information above with Burger King, they had well managed their crew and train each one of their crews to perform best of their ability. Each crew before joining the working team will be trained in one specific area that they applied for. For example, a crew member before joining the team applied for a job at the front counter taking orders. The Burger King training manager will train this member for what he has to do and this refers to the principle that workers are trained specifically. This will increase their productivity as the worker was well trained in their position and will perform best to their abilities in order to achieve scientific management theories.

Based on the explanations of scientific management, Burger King has put it well in practice. In New Zealand, Burger King has a head quarters in

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