Burger Machine Case Study

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Strategic Marketing Management
Burger Machine


Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Situational Analysis 3. Market Strategy 4. Financials 5. Controls

1.0 Executive Summary Burger Machine is a local burger stall business that has been present in the Filipino market since 1980. They were the first to establish a 24/7 business idea and was named the “the burger that never sleeps”. Burger Machine currently ranks 4th in the Philippine Market with the most number of stalls with 804 stalls. Aside from their wide reach in the Philippine market, they are also known for the taste and quality of their food. Which the Filipinos look for – an opportunity for
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When Filipinos think of affordable burgers from burger stalls, they would most likely think of Burger Machine. This increases their chances for repeat and impulse buyers, which sets them apart from their competitors.

Aside from the company’s strong brand power, the unforgettable taste of its burgers should be considered as one of its strengths. The company prides itself in creating special sauces as well as having its own special coleslaw. This allows the company to separate itself from its competitors and also helps in attracting more customers in the process.


A stall’s cleanliness is one of the most important determining factors of a company’s business. Stalls should always be kept as clean as possible and it seems that Burger Machine does not exactly adhere to this kind of thinking. Burger machine stalls are usually old and rusty, for the company has not yet changed the way their stalls have been presented and constructed all throughout these years.

Location also plays a vital part of in the overall cleanliness of a stall. Burger Machine stalls are usually located in dark, filthy, and dirty streets. This adds up to the overall unsatisfactory cleanliness of the food stall.
Management/ Service:
Lack of proper stall management should also be considered as
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