Burglary Case Summary

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Case Summary
On 8-24-16, at 0700, I was dispatched to 123 Anywhere St, Fayetteville North Carolina, in reference to a residential burglary at the home of Mr. Jesse Johnson, the victim. Mr. Johnson informed me that he left for work about 2130 last night, and returned home for the first time at about 0600 this morning. He noticed his front door was open and when he entered his home he immediately saw that his 42'' Panasonic flat screen television had been stolen. After investigating further, the victim realized that his Dell laptop, as well as $1500 cash he was saving for home improvements, had been stolen. The front door of the victim’s home appeared to have been pried open with a crowbar. The victim’s residence was processed for latent evidence. No other evidence was found at the scene and Mr. Johnson was unable to give any leads to who may have been responsible for the burglary.

On 8-24-16, I
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Jackson. The search was based on the information obtained from Michael Angelo, the witness who had gone to play cards in the home of Brent Jackson. who had the exact same TV with its distinctive scratch in his residence. The search was for a 42" Panasonic flat screen television with a distinctive scratch on the console, a crowbar, a dell laptop, and a dark bag containing money. The search warrant was granted and upon completion of the search, I retrieved a 42" Panasonic flat screen television with the identifying mark from the home of Brent Jackson. The TV was seized and logged into evidence. No other items were located during the search of the home.

On 9-14-16, Informant Number 1105 stated that he was associated with suspect Marc Smithson who lives on Jones Street. 1105 states that Smithson offered to sell him a laptop. 1105 believed that Marc would sell him the computer. 1105 was willing to broker the deal between the suspect and an undercover officer to rec over the stolen
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