`` Buried Child `` And The Color Purple By Sam Shepard, Gaetan Soucy, And Alice Walker

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Most aspects pertaining to what we know as the conventional family norm or values can be seen challenged in novels such as “Buried Child”, “The Little Girl Who Was Found of Matches”, and “The Colour Purple”. In all three novels ' themes, such as murder, abuse, and family relations, along with other taboo related or unacceptable behavior in society are displayed by characters reflecting to us how the authors of the novels have chosen to portray family life in their works. In each novel, we are given an outlook into the darker aspects of what we may know about occurring in society, but maybe not in the detailed or graphic manner presented by writers Sam Shepard, Gaétan Soucy, and Alice Walker. It can be said that these dark elements of family life employed in the novels are unconventional yet are not things that are unknown to us, as they are existing problems in society. The assumptions made by the three authors of each novel, pertaining to the occurrence of such activities happening is plausible and does happen, which only means that outside of challenging the notions of family, the authors chose a specific approach to how their novels portray family life. Interpretations as to why each author chose to reflect darker aspects of family life can be assumed to be for the basic reasoning that these are not things that do not happen and while it may be uneasy for readers it only speaks on what really does happen or could happen to which we can contribute to the writers and…

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