Burj Khalifa - Success or Failure?: Project Management Perspective

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Project Overview
‘Burj Khalifa’, formerly known as ‘Burj Dubai’ is currently the world’s tallest building. It is a unique & spectacular skyscraper, and an engineering marvel to set ones sight on – if one could get a complete glance without having to strain their neck. Almost a kilometer from tip-to-toe, the exquisite structure stands about 2,717 feet or 830 meters tall with total-floors amounting over 160 (Golden, 2010). Located in the heart of the fresh-metropolitan city, Dubai, the Burj Khalifa was just one part of the vast project called ‘Burj Downtown’ or ‘Downtown Dubai’, which included the world’s largest shopping mall ‘The Dubai Mall’ and various other construction projects (villas, offices, entertainment/recreational facilities,
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(CW Staff, 2010). The estimated time and cost of this project were influenced by the unfavourable global & local economic situations in 2008. During the “Dubai Shock” in the same year, construction had halted for about four months and was expected to remain suspended for a few more months. This is when ‘Burj Dubai’ was renamed ‘Burj Khalifa’ with major monetary- influence from the leaders of Abu Dhabi (capital city of the U.A.E.), who limited the construction halt to roughly four months. There were also changes in the exterior design (original design was 100m shorter) and interior designs. The final cost of

the project was a whopping U.S.D. 1.5 billion & was ready for inauguration after completing all construction, the ‘finishing’ phase, and safety & maintenance checks by October 2009. The grandopening was then postponed till the 4th of January 2010, leading to more delays. The reason for this delay was the decision of the major investors involved, who wished the grand-opening be on the fouryear anniversary of the current prime minister & vice-president of the country as the ruler of Dubai – Shiekh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. As the chairman of ‘Emaar’ (developer) stated, "We decided to inaugurate the world's highest tower during an anniversary that is dear to the hearts of everyone" ("Burj khalifa facts" 2009).

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