Burm A And Strong People

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Leigh Lyter
October 22, 2016
Period 1
Myanmar Research Paper In 1989 the country formerly known as Burma switched its name to Myanmar, meaning the “fast and strong people”. Burma or Myanmar, began as individual states with several powerful monarchs, over time the British government took over. This resulted in the First Anglo-Burmese War that lasted from 1824-1826. The most respected of Myanmar’s military leaders during the war was Maha Bandula, who later died in battle. The British went on to win the war and separate Myanmar into separate colonies in favor of certain ethnicities. Burma gained its independence when a group called the “Thirty Comrades” created the Burmese Independence Army and fought with Japan in World War II. The Army believed that if Japan won then they would grant their country freedom, however when Japan began to weaken the group immediately informed the British Military and agreed to help the British win the war. Aung San was the leader of Burma at the time, and he establish the Burmese Independence Army and later went on to see Burma separate from Britain, however when he assumed the position of leader of his new country he and his cabinet members were assassinated by an opposition group. U Nu, a former cabinet member, he became Burma’s new leader. At last, Burma was given its independence on January 4, 1948. However, the new nation was consistently provoked by ethnic communities and opposition groups, this resulted in multiple civil wars. 10 years

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