Burm A Military Dictatorship Country For Many Years

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Burma used to be a military dictatorship country for several years. The military dictatorship system was initially led by General Ne Win, who ruled the country with brutality since 1962. In 1974, the government forced people to approve a new constitution for establishing a one-party (Burma Socialist Program Party or BSPP) government with 415 members. General Ne Win changed the name of the country to the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma. They held a one-party election and General Ne Win turned into Chairman of the State Council and President of Burma U Ne Win. However, the military junta was still controlling. Burma’s economy were facing bankruptcy by 1987 (Background Information). As people suffered from the extreme political oppression and economic hardships for a long time, in 1988, they couldn’t stand those tensions anymore and a series of demonstrations occurred. Although it occurred nationwide, instead of giving positive attention to the people, the government reacted with arrests and excessive persecution, resulting in some deaths. It is known as 8888 Uprising because the events occurred on 8 August 1988. In fact, it started in March of 1988, and was conducted by students who wanted to demonstrate how they disgusted the military government because of their political and economical systems (The protests of “8888”). Sein Lwin resigned on August 12, and the protests only rested for a few days. Then, it continued again with intense violence. At the end of August,…
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