Burmese Python In The Florida Everglades

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Native to Southeast Asia, Burmese pythons were first observed in the Florida Everglades in the 1980s. Since then, the large reptiles have been spotted in the Florida Keys, an area in which they had not previously been seen. As shown in the Everglades, the pythons can devastate native ecosystems, causing an imbalance in the natural predator-prey relationship between organisms. This is particularly troubling for the Everglades and the Keys as Burmese pythons have now assumed the spot of top predator in the region, devastating small mammal and native snake populations. It is important to address the invasion of this voracious species in the Florida Keys as well as continue eradication efforts in the Everglades before the indigenous population is completely destroyed.
Attributed to the release of the exotic pet, the encroachment of the voracious species has already demonstrated its appetite for the indigenous fauna of the Everglades. It is now feared that with their migration to the Florida Keys, the
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Although the estimate of the exact number of pythons varies from study to study, they all agree if the upward trend in the invasive snakes’ population continues, the fragile ecosystem of the “American Caribbean” risks losing its most recognizable species in exchange for the incongruous reptiles. In an effort to prevent this, local government officials have implemented programs specifically for the purpose of educating the public on identifying and reporting the pythons so that they may be disposed of properly (Harvey, 2016). While this population control method is mildly effective, complete eradication will require a much heavier hand as well preventative measures like stern punishment in the form of a hefty fine for releasing exotic pets into the
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