Burn Book About People In The Sunset Towers

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Burn Book

I just got home from walking the kids to Mr.hoo’s restaurant. I was in a hurry to get back up to my apartment so i could write in my Burn Book. My burn book is a book that is full of stuff about people in the Sunset Towers.

Mr. Hoo - He is so crabby all the time and he is never friendly towards anyone. That’s not all he is also very self centered or self seeking when it comes to his restaurant. He just wants to be more successful than the coffee shop next door.

Turtle/Alice - She is unbeautiful in my opinion. She dresses like a snob and she acts like a boy. No I wish she was like my sweet Angela, a lady that acts like a young lady. I wish she wouldn’t go around kicking people in the leg ouch!! Jake - My husband Jake Wexler is a doctor but i wish he didn’t work so much and would spend time with his family for once in his life. I also wish he wasn’t the bookie!! That’s right I know my husband is the bookie and I hate it I hate it. I
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I hate how he goes around and diagnoses everyone it's annoying. I also just wanted another doctor in the family like Jake. J.J. Ford - I don’t much care for judge Ford. I mean come on who wants to live near a judge. Plus I think she likes my Jake and I think Jake likes her too!!!

Crow - In my opinion she is really really ugly. Crow is uglier than Turtle ew! She is all rickly she looks like her skin is melting off her face ew ew ew!! Her skin is so pale it's looks like she has never ever been outside in her life. Why is everyone so nice to her she is just EW I want everyone to hate her and thinks she is ugly!

Doug - Doug is just ew he runs all the time. When i got home from my shopping he was running up the stairs and he almost knocked me over. He also sweats a lot ew disgusting. When he jogs by me he stinks so bad i feel sick. I wonder if he ever showers if he doesn't I’ll have to tell Angela to stay away from

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