Burn Out and Fatigue in the Work Related Environment

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Forming an understanding of fatigue and burnout on the job of delivering commodities cross-country is the focus herein. The discoveries from research conducted on fatigue have provided insight into additional concerns regarding the health of humanity. The process and development of how fatigue relates to the personal self when working under conditions of exertion are very important. When driving over-the-road (OTR) cross-country under a tight delivery schedule period I had stressful experiences. For example, there was the stress coming from a lack of ample rest affecting how alert a mind could be. The amount of sleep was about 1-2 hours at a time with a few of the loads, while frequently a 4-5 hour period was what my body preferred to…show more content…
This could have been a part of the fatigue experienced on the open road, and most certainly would not benefit the mental and physical form it. The thought that everything worked out just fine for that time, was probably the very thing that made it pass the window of serious concern. Knowing how this has worked into my own life has actually revealed how the fatigue could be burning professional drivers out. The thought of professional drivers travelling in a state of fatigue definitely opens the door to danger for both the public and themselves. There was a time when I thought about how much it meant to arrive alive and that no load is worth risking that. Anytime that I had felt too tired to continue, the next safe location to stop for adequate rest took place after thinking about the risk to others and self. How important would it be to get other professional drivers to feel the same would depend upon just how stubborn they are. The experiences could be different with each type of person, and those with the strength mentally combining the inner will would most likely solve the problem in self. Battling the Ego Affect’s Discernment There could be a battle with ego to produce difficulty surrounding the discernment of the danger to others and self. The ability to maintain a clear thinking process that is alert, safe, and non-harmful to those in the surrounding environment remains extremely important. The thought of establishing a sense of
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