Burnable Book Summary

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Equity: the quality of being fair or impartial. In a situation of equity, all parties are equally benefited and equally disadvantaged. There is a symmetrical balance of power. But can there be equal power, and have the notion of power still exist? Because of that, there is a dynamic of asymmetrical power. The system is designed to favor and continually promote the ideology and control of the dominant group. And it’s never questioned. Though accepted by the masses, the asymmetry of power has caused countless struggles, wars, and even an entire breakdown of that system. At some point, the nondominant group gathers and rises to confront the dominant group, upsetting the balance and challenging the dominant group’s authority. When that power…show more content…
I argue that in the context of Burnable Book, Gower is a classic example of the dominant group. He not only has the key of wealth, and its privileges, but status, which he uses at every possible moment, usually to find out more information or persuade someone. Calling back to “Who’s Got Room At the Top?”, Folb defines power as “…the ability to get others to do what you want and the resources to force them to do your bidding if they resist…”. Gower, through his status, education, and resources of information, fits this mold seamlessly. Connecting his characterization to discussions about body politics, being male automatically promotes his position. As a single man, he wields an immense amount of…show more content…
While comparatively the church was made up of few people, those few could easily define the rules of the greater society. They are a removed group at the top making decisions that will directly affect those below. Folb argues that “…dimensions of visibility and marked invisibility are keen indicators of the status hierarchy in a given society…” and I agree. The imagery and symbolism of St. Paul’s as a space and place allude to how greatly the church existed in the lives of the people. Only the king ranked higher than the church. England today is situated in a similar fashion. While the cathedral is not the largest structure in the city, newer buildings were designed to still give it a visible presence. Prime Minister David Cameron outright stating that England is a Christian nation proves how prevalent religion is in relation to government and people. Titles of Minister and Prime Minister are subtle, yet effective reminders of that
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