Burning Of Our House

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Methodist Highschool(11-4)
Valeria Freer Carranza
Mrs. Edwards
March27th 2017

Reading Response #1 “To My Dear Housband” and “Upon The Burning Of Our House”
By Anne Bradstreet.

At the beginning, I was shocked. Because Anne talks of her love towards his housband, and when I read about the Background of the poem I discovered that Anne got married at the age of 16. Also, the fact that Anne talks too much about God’s will in the second poem, leads me to spiritual growth. Both poems represent something in my life, like: the burning of the house represent problems that may happen to me and Anne’s reaction that is thinking that every thing happens for a reason. My view of certain problems changed when I read “Upon The Burning Of Our House”,
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Sometimes we are facing a bad situation, but we can find a way of overgetting it when we have faith and we rely in God. This poem made me remember that everything that we have is not ours. God lent us what we have and our mission is taking care of it. For that reason we should take advantage of every single thing we have. Maybe we can have stuff today, but nothing guarantee that this is going to be with me tomorrow. The Poem gives me a great lesson about caring what I have. It definatelly makes a call, it is a need taking care of how we behave and treat others rather than focusing on material things that are not…show more content…
Love is big when I really appreciate what my family or friends do for me. This poem oppened my eyes and changed my view of the love I had for my family. I got more identified with “Upon the Burning Of Our House”, because it says that all is vanity and I think that sometimes the people including me, forgets the real meaning of beauty and worries more on dressing good than changing the bad attitudes. I also identified with the second poem because when I am facing a big and disgusting problem, I search God’s help and guidance. I learn from my mistakes. Anne searched a way to get to the readers hearts including
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