Burning The American Flag : The Flag

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Ashley Lawrence Ms. Zlotziver ERWC 15 December 2015 Burning the American Flag “Old Glory,” otherwise known as the American Flag, has been a huge part of America 's history and a representation of The United States of America. Ever since The American Flag has been around there have been countless debates about whether it should be a crime to burn or deface the flag. Throughout the world there are many places where defacing your country 's symbol is considered a crime and considered disrespectful, and others where it is considered an expression of free speech and one can do so if they please. Most debates revolve around the issues of respect and national pride versus freedom of speech; both sides are very passionate about their stance on the topic. Ever since the creation of the flag in the late 1770’s there have been debates about whether burning the flag should be a crime (“History of..”). The earliest court cases about burning or defacing the flag are as early as 1907 (Bomboy); although the first court case was centuries later, 1907 is surprisingly early considering the modern 13-striped and 50-starred flag was not around until the 1960’s when Hawaii officially became a state in the U.S. (“History of…”). Many of the cases were about creating “laws protecting the flag from physical abuse, but also from commercial abuse” (Bomboy). The new laws would be considered a “model flag desecration law.” In the law, the word “flag” would not just apply to The American Flag but all
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