Burnout Analysis

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Increase Loads for Existing Staff One advantage for increasing workloads for current faculty and staff is the cost benefit. It would be cheaper to increase the workload instead of hiring a new person because benefits would not have to be given, and this would benefit the institution and the political establishment. A disadvantage of increasing the workload of faculty and staff is burnout. Burnout is correlated with workload, and burnout leads to less commitment and motivation to complete work, loss of energy, less fulfillment from the job, and mental and physical sickness (Gonzalez & Bernard, 2006). The interpretation of workload is different between administration and faculty (Gonzalez & Bernard, 2006). Administration views higher workload as a higher level of productivity, whereas faculty view increased workload leading to burnout (Gonzalez & Bernard, 2006). Negative attitudes, cynical viewpoints, paranoia, unwilling to accept change are results of burnout (Gonzalez & Bernard, 2006), and these personality traits are not beneficial to students, the institution, or other faculty members (Gonzalez & Bernard, 2006).
Leave Positions Vacant
There are a couple of advantages for leaving a position vacant. One advantage is that it could leave
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Institutions have to find ways to make education affordable. With dwindling state funding, institutions have to make the most out of their budget. There are many advantages and disadvantages with every hiring scenario. An institution needs to assess their needs and discover which type of employee will benefit their institution by meeting the needs of the students, other employees, the political establishment, and the institution without going over their budget. Institutions need to also evaluate the options to see which option aligns with their mission (Weisbrod, Ballou, & Asch,
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