Burricula Short Stories

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As a child, Callie had gotten told about a story of a girl that was murdered in the middle of the woods. She was also told that the girl, Taryn, still haunts the woods to this day. No one knew if the rumors were true or not, but they had told Callie that people have went into the woods and have not come out. Callie believed that there was a girl murdered in the woods but did not believe that people walked into the woods and did not make it out.
One day Callie went to the Café shop. Minutes after walking into the Café shop, Callie looked through the window of the Café shop and looked into the distance. There, she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. At this point, she looked at all the little lines in her hands and
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She then came to conclusion and decided to bury Taryn’s body. Callie wrapped Taryn’s body into Callie’s dead grandmother’s blanket and wrapper her like a burrito. Later that night when the sky was as dark as a black cat, she drug Taryn into her car. She drove and drove and drove. BOOM. The next thing you know Callie had fallen asleep while driving and rear ended the car in front of her. Not even thinking of the body in the back, Callie ran out to talk to the person in front of her. They worked everything out but once Callie got back into the car she heard a weird moan. She turned around saw Taryn was alive!!!! Taryn attacked Callie and ended up tying Callie up in the back of the car. Taryn got in the driver's seat and started to drive away. Hours later they arrive back into the open woods where they were before. Taryn grabs a shovel and starts digging so she can bury Callie alive. Meanwhile, Callie is doing everything she possibly can do to escape. Callie breaks through the knots and tackles Taryn. There, in the open, the two girls fighting. Taryn grabs the shovel and Callie brings out her knife. They both run at each other then BAM. Both of them lay there,
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