Burt's Bees Analysis Essay

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Analysis of the Burt’s Bees Case Study Burt’s Bees is an interesting case, which discusses the success story of an all natural skin care company. It is an unusual concept but the founder Roxanne Quimby saw the market for such a product and immediately started acting upon this opportunity to create the best skin care company in the world. It was interesting to notice how Roxanne and the co-founder Burt Shovitz started the concept of natural skin care products just for the extra income and then went on to make it their core product of the company. This is the best example of an unpredictable market. Another interesting factor of the company is its use of natural products, keeping in mind the environment. The company doesn’t test its…show more content…
It cannot do well unless it has enough buyers for what it sells. So firstly, I feel it should undertake heavy survey methods to know what customers are actually looking for in their products, what are they missing, what are their desires. Time changes and so do people and their tastes. I feel Burt’s Bees should have continuous updates on what is desired by its customers and be more in touch with them to get the sales. Secondly, I also feel the company should invest a certain lump for its advertisement. It lacks a lot behind in this area as compared to its customers. I did not know the company’s name until this case study. So, I feel it should also work towards its advertisement. Since, this is the world of technologies; Burt’s Bees should have its hands on the latest technologies out there to make it products up to the mark. It would also save some labor costs. As far as financial aspect is concerned, as I have mentioned in my earlier discussions, I very strongly believe that the most important concern of the company is that it should never run out of cash. Burt’s Bees may come up with the best product and use the best technology available but it would be of no use if it runs out of cash. Hence, they should be very cautious towards their cost of goods sold and that its expenses never exceed its income/cash flow. I understand certain factors stated here are not directly related to creating a presence in market but I very strongly believe that indirectly

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