Burt's Bees Case Study: Opportunities Assessment

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Burt's Bees Opportunities Assessment The team that originated Burt's Bees definitely has the skills, knowledge, experience, resources and motivations to exploit all opportunities which come their way. After being in business for just ten years, the company already had a strong amount of successes: Roxanne Quimby was successfully running 20 employees, bringing in a steady $6 to $8 million per year; the product was found in every store in America and had just begun to expand overseas and had just begun to expand to the retail market. All of these successes indicate a company that was being successfully run. For example, Quimby demonstrated the ability of looking beyond her current market where she was able to see the possibility of expansion into the retail market, where her product could be made available on an entirely different level and manner, making it in certain respects more obtainable for consumers. This type of action definitively demonstrates a personality that knows how to spot opportunities and attempt to take advantage of them in a fearless manner. "Looking further than your sector or established market can open up business opportunities. By looking to other sectors, businesses and countries for inspiration and ideas you can combine existing ideas to produce a more effective product or service and take a fresh approach to meeting an identified need" (businesslink.co.uk). Furthermore, Quimby began to engage in the retail sector in a manner which felt

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