Burt's Bees Market Opportunity Factors Essay

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Burt’s Bees Marketing Opportunity Factors
Burt’s Bees started out as a candle making company in 1984 and has grown into a recognized brand in the natural personal care products market. They entered the natural personal care products market in 1991 with the creation of their Beeswax Lip Balm, which is still their leading bestseller. They expanded their business in 1991 by moving to North Carolina where they are still headquartered today. In 1999, they began their global expansion. In 2006, they began distributing their products to drugstores and other retail centers to allow the mass market the ability to buy natural made products. Burt’s Bees has several environmental and sustainability projects, and continuously works with the Natural
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Environmental Elements
Several environmental elements may affect Burt’s Bees. These include legal, demographic, economic and cultural social.
Legal: Aside from being a natural product, Burt’s Bees is also valued for being a cruelty free company. They do not conduct product or ingredient tests on animals (Burt’s Bees, 2013). Currently, China requires animal testing for cosmetic products. As such, Burt’s Bees cannot sell in the Chinese market, unless they changed their philosophy and tested their products on animals. While changing their philosophy might allow them to enter the Chinese market, there is likely to be backlash from their consumers who value their cruelty free philosophy. China is currently reconsidering their animal testing requirements for “non-specialized” cosmetics manufactured in China starting in June 2014. This politic/legal shift could create new business opportunities for cruelty free companies to begin manufacturing and selling their cosmetics in China (a $22B cosmetic market (Reuters, 2013).
Demographic: Burt’s Bees philosophy is to attract an educated youthful market and establish brand loyalty at a young age. Increased or decreases in population size, age mix, and education levels could increase or decrease Burt’s Bees target demographic.
Economic: An economic downturn could affect the sales of Burt’s Bees products. While a large percentage of customers are loyal due to Burt’s Bees their natural and/or
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