Bus 100 Assignment 1

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Assignment #1: The Business Environment Mondith Sreng Professor Jane Osburn BUS 100 Introduction to Business 1/22/20122 The role of business in an economy is involved in any type of activity that provides goods, services, or both to consumers in an attempt to earn a profit. Business drives up the standard of living of quality and quantity of goods and services available to a population and contributing to the higher quality of life in which is overall sense of well-being experienced by either an individual or a group. Business also helps raise the standard of living through taxes. However businesses do not only provide the products and services that people acquire, but they as well provide job opportunities that people…show more content…
Throughout The Marketing Era the tables have turned from producers to consumers, which changed the market with alluring choices. This was when businesses began to develop brands, to differentiate themselves from their competitors, helping their customers identify various unique products. Last but least The Relationship Era is where businesses aim to build long-term relationships, because they believe a satisfied customer can become great assets for a business. A satisfied customer is a loyal and businesses rely on customers to spread the word on their goods and services. The roles of for-profit and nonprofit businesses in the economy are both organizations that rely on the factors of production which are the four fundamental resources. One of them is natural resources such as land, fresh water, wind and mineral deposits. The value of all natural resources tends to rise with high demand, low supply, or both. Another one is capital which includes machines, tools, buildings, information, and technology. Capital does not include money, although businesses use to money acquire, maintain, and upgrade their capital. In additional human resources consist of physical, intellectual, and creative contributions of everyone who works within an economy. Education and motivation have become progressively important to human resources. The last fundamental resources are entrepreneurship and they are people who take risk of

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