Bus 117 Introduction to Organizational Dynamics Week 5 Final Paper

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Affects of Team Work Francisco Perez Jr. Bus 117 Introduction to Organizational Dynamics Instructor: Kenya Willis 7/1/2013 In this paper I will discuss how a team leader assesses how big the team is needed in order to accomplish the task assigned to them. This paper will also discuss the how conflicts can arise while trying to meet their goals. Such as which person works better in certain areas. I will also talk about how a team leader resolves their problems that may accure. In addition I will also discuss if team work will take longer to complete task along with some of its advantages. I will also point out some of the resistors to team work like not have the proper tools or supplies. I will also discuss how to be proactive so…show more content…
The other two would put all warning stickers and make sure that they were put at the right loading docks so that they could be sure. The last person would inspect that right part was being shipped to the proper location on the order forms from the customers (dealers) and making the final calls that parts were on their way. When I asked him if he came across any conflict of any type his response was no, the reason he said no was because he cross trained everyone in the department and put his strongest workers in the position that they exceed in. also he built up a relation between them as far as work was concerned. Another he had weekly meetings and would listen to all concerns and let them talk it out amongst themselves and then in the end after listing to everyone he would answer all concerns that were in his control. The concerns that were beyond his pay grade he would bring it up to his supervisors and the following week he would inform his employees with the best answer that was given to him by his supervisor. His most common conflict wasn’t so his employees as he explain it was having the right part in stock or the part being in the right location. As went along with the interview I asked if he felt that team work might take longer than it would a single person. Surprising he said it all depends the on the task at hand and how well it’s

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