Bus 210 Week 2 Knowledge Check Case Study

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After completing the questions and finding out the results they were almost what I expected them to be. However, I know listing is a big part of any job and I am going to start to be more attentive to ensure I do not miss anything that a client may be saying that is between the lines. Sometimes, people talk this way so I typically repeat what they say to ensure we are on the same page. Additionally, I do expect my employees to give 100% just as I do daily. I stress that because customers and their satisfaction are important to me and my company. I do not feel I go overboard in this area, but will watch it. Everyone deserves to be treated the same. I never ask anyone to do something I would not do at the workplace. There could be a few options Dax and Mark could incorporate, but the employees may not like them. Hours could be lessened, benefits could be reduced, or insurance premiums could be raised. Any three of these ideas could make any employee angry just to receive their yearly bonus. However, It seems many companies are cutting back on their yearly bonuses because of loss, cutbacks, and the slow economy. Mark and Dex could hold a meeting explaining the issue and what is going on inside the company then give the employees options to choose from so they feel they have a say in what happens to their pay. Having an option makes an employee…show more content…
This sets the employees up for a potential failure and could get their hopes up for something that may not occur. Dealing with straight pay is the best way to give to the employees so no one gets upset. However, at the end of the year of the quarter or year if the company has money left over then they could surprise the employees with a Christmas bonus. This would be a surprise and helpful too. If there is only a little bit of money the company could offer a Christmas party for the employees with everything paid
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