Bus 210 Week 4 Swot Analysis Essay

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Week 4 Day 7 Assignment; SWOT Analysis BUS 210 Student: Nielsen, Julie, A. Due Date; March 17 2013 Instructor, Aaron Carter SWOT ANALYSIS: Salon Business Plan Venture http://www.bplans.com/tanning_salon_business_plan/executive_summary_fc.php#1.3_Keys_to_Success INTRODUCTION- The analysis of the Tanning Salon Business is entrepreneurial start- up implementation venture in the personal Care industry. The business model Ownership of Property is a Sole –Proprietorship venture. The initial roles of management for, leadership, organization, and control are the senior management Team of, experienced business Owners, (Shelly, and Keith Harwood) with plans for, adding an outsourcing of part-time Team of Multi-Level employee…show more content…
The business is committed to fulfill the obligation that increases the cash flow and profitability. Our tanning business benefited by selling more retail products on their multiple return visits. Another positive creative strategy is the annual Swimwear Fashion Show where contestants, and customers, as models compete for prizes and awards. The fun idea increases exposure of the business and development of a line of swimwear selling at the business. Weakness- Unrealistic Projections The research generated for Tropical Tan relies heavily on the supply and demand for profit comparisons of similar studios with unhappy customers complaining of bad service. To contrast and surpass the competition, the goal of Tropical is to base their services on unique need of each customer with personalized luxuries and furnishings according to likes, dislikes such as, favorite music, beverages like the trendy Avian Water, and such in their booth. The capacity to meet these individual needs is not possible with the size of the expected cliental. Secondly, each tanning session is timer activated with additional time for undressing and redressing.1900 clients a month is forecast to generate profit and meet operating expenses. That amounts to, 63 clients per day at, 3o minutes minimum a session. The investment and labor required to

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