Bus/210 Week 7 Checkpoint -the Impact of Hrm Essay

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The Impact of HRM
After reviewing chapter 13 of Human Resource Management: Acquiring and Building Employees’ Skills and Capabilities; I have reached the conclusion that the best way to improve the management of human resource is to:

• First place to start improvement would be to improve employee’s skills. Improving employee skills would be very beneficial to any company. Training is important as an employer I want to boost character, commitment, competence, and team player qualities in my employees. I think training sessions that teaches good reinforcement, involves skill role playing, on-the-job training, real-life simulations and experiential training, and
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For instance, having an employee’s feedback box will provide all employees’ access to address different issue without the feeling of intimidation. The employees are aware that these issues can be very damaging to the company, if not addressed in the proper manner. I just think that the employees are more in tuned with the issues that are more pertinent. The area of Pay and Benefits is also an important factor.

Looking at today’s economy people is willing to work any job with good pay and benefits. In today’s society there are employees who expect to get paid for less work. There are employers who will pay less for more work. I think that ever employee needs to be evaluated honestly on his or her work performance. I would also have employee meetings to collect important feedback. In order to receive honest feedback, I will allow the employees to submit their opinions anonymously.

After reading the three chapters concerning the ways that human resource management impacts a business. I have realized that I have a lot to learn reading is good but the best teacher is experience. I pray that everything I have and will read stay with me during my future business adventures. A great deal of what I have read, I have been experiencing through the actions of others on my job. Just like with everything else you have to weigh the pros and cons.
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