Bus 307 Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques

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Mastering the Bread Making Master Schedule and Producing Automobiles Leaner Your Name BUS 307 Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques Your Instructors Date Introduction The Realco Breadmaster A master production schedule is used by business organizations as a metric to ascertain whether or not their production (outputs) meets their supply demands (inputs). There are times when a business wants to have a surplus and at others letting inventory dwindle to smaller numbers is optimal. The idea is to ensure that customers get their orders in a timely manner to retain loyalty, maximize profits, and reduce overhead and direct costs. The Realco Breadmaster Company has a new bread maker in the hopes of increasing their…show more content…
A properly designed and used MPS can assist large companies to constantly improve their efficiency, control costs and still meet customer demand. Introduction A Bumpy Road for Toyota Throughout the years, Toyota has defined themselves as one of the top vehicle vendors in the world. Ending in March 2004, Toyota’s “net income [was] $10.49 billion in yen,” which was more than General Motors and Ford Motor combined (Bozarth & Handfield, 2008). With Toyota’s car sales on the rise they wanted to focus on improving the quality of cars being produced. Unfortunately for Toyota, they found a series of errors and glitches in their entire assembly process with had a negative impact towards Toyota’s brand. The Toyota Company viewed the Lean philosophy as, “a form of religion” (Bozarth & Handfield, 2008). The Lean methodology is a process in which every aspect of the business is looked at and improved to increase productivity of workers, assembly lines, and inventory and manager management among many others, all the while keeping a close eye on production. When Toyota began opening automobile factories in the United States they continued to maintain and enforce quality which was consistent with their lean philosophy. One of the engineers would even draw chalk circles around an employee and told the employee to stay their watching that job

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