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Q: Which of the following ui up to 800GB of data? * SD card: Up to 2TB with SDXC. * DLT tape: Up to 800GB of data. * Blu-ray: The 4-layer version holds up to 128GB. * DVD-ROM: The dual-sided, dual-layer version holds up to 17GB. Q: When shared video memory is in use, what type of memory is being shared? System Q: Your mobile device is not responding correctly to your touch. What needs to be adjusted? Calibration Q: What is the maximum speed of 802.11n? 600 Mb Q: What process adjusts the screen size to fit the monitor? Adjusting resolution Q: Which RAID level is also known as disk striping? 0 Q: Which of the following is a set of procedures designed to spell out which incident types need to be handled by other personnel?…show more content…
Sd card Q: Which of the following is NOT a typical connector on a sound card? Network Q: According to CompTIA, what is the second step in the troubleshooting process? Establish theory Q: Which printer type produces a printed image by selectively heating coated paper? Thermal Q: What protocol is used for efficient and connection oriented file transfers? Ftp Q: Which of the following methods uses a heat sink? Active cooling Q: Which printer type creates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper? Inkjet Q: Which of the following allows certain hardware subsystems within the computer to access system memory independently of the central processing unit? DMA controller Q: Which of the following devices goes into a DIMM slot? Memory Q: What is the typical voltage of a wall outlet? 120 ac Q: How many chips are on a SIMM with parity? 9 Q: Which of the following is a new low-profile chassis designed to complement the rest of the home theater equipment? Htpc Q: Which of the following takes the DC power the laptop is providing and boosts it up to AC to run the backlight? Inverter Q: You can connect to one of your Bluetooth devices but not another. What is not the source of the problem? (Choose all that apply.) Bluetooth adaptor, Bluetooth disabled Q: Which of the following resources would be the least likely to require upgrading to support a Graphic / CAD / CAM Design Workstation? Hard drive Q: What function does the buffer perform in
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