Bus 375 Assignment 1

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Analysis of The Reluctant Workers
Holly Mitchell
Strayer University

F. L. Mitchell
February 3, 2013
Analysis of The Reluctant Workers
This paper will look at the case study “The Reluctant Workers” then analyze and identify three of the core skills used by the first time project manager (PM) Tim Aston. We will also explore the skills and effectiveness of the young PM’s ability to communicate and motive his functional managers and project staff. In addition, we will examine the support provided to the Tim by the company’s senior management and decide if the support provided was adequate or still lacking proper direction. And finally, this paper will make recommendations to both the PM and the company’s senior executives
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Tim went to Phil Davies, the director of project management for advice.
The conversation between Phil and Tim was not much help to Tim at all. Phil told him that the average staff member he worked with had twenty years with the company and most were set in their ways, and some of his staff might hold resentment towards Tim because he was new the company and younger in years. This conversation offered nothing constructive that Tim could use to change the problems he was experiencing with his staff.
Tim requested that another employee in the accounting department that had an excellent head on his shoulders, and would be a great help to him with the project management roles. However, that employees current supervisor did not seem interested letting the good employee go for the good of the company, but rather keep the employee put to satisfy the need of his own personal departmental needs. Phil, as the director of project management, could have made it possible for the reallocation of resources and allowed the accounting personnel to be available to work with Tim on the project management task. However, he chose to not to. Instead he only expand on his previous comment about the experience levels of his staff and suggests that Tim come with some new ways to motive his mature staff into wanting the program to be a success. But,
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