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BUS/475 Sample Final Exam This Sample Final Exam is provided as a resource to help familiarize students with the content areas and types of questions that they may encounter when they complete the comprehensive BUS/475 Final Exam in Week Five. The student version of the sample Final does not include the correct answers (as marked below in red). Please feel free to share the sample final questions and answers with your students. Accounting Financial accounting Conceptual foundations Income statement and statement of retained earnings Balance sheet Statement of cash flows Managerial accounting Cost concepts Product costing systems Activities-based costing Cost, volume, and profit analysis Budgeting (except capital…show more content…
Data is considered invalid when a. 0 it is outdated. b. 0 it is inconsistent. c. 0 it is unreliable. d. 1 it does not measure the intended concept. 2. Data is considered reliable when a. 0 the test measures what we actually want to measure. b. 0 it is quantitative. c. 1 the measurement process is accurate and precise. d. 0 it is qualitative. 3. When the reported data is different from the actual data, there is a a. 0 reporting error. b. 0 sampling error. c. 1 response error. d. 0 computation error. 4. When measures of central tendency are not affected by extremely low or extremely high values? a. 0 Mean and median b. 0 Mean and mode c. 1 Mode and median d. 0 Standard deviation and mean 5. What is the relationship among the mean, median, and mode in a symmetric distribution? a. 1 All equal b. 0 Mean is always the smallest value c. 0 Mean is always the largest value d. 0 Mode is the largest value 6. Suppose you want to show the changes in the unemployment rate in the United States during 2000–2008. The most appropriate chart you would use will be a a. 0 pareto chart. b. 1 line chart. c. 0 bar chart.

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