Bus/475 Final Strategic Plan Week 5

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Final Strategic Plan and Presentation Amy Paul BUS/475 Individual Paper Week 5 03/25/2013 Dallas Walton Final Strategic Plan and Presentation To start my strategic plan I would have to figure out my summary of my initial considerations for the business intended called Amy’s Flower Shop before its opening. Here are some initial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and of course trends. Then one must find their vision mission, know their values, SWOTT analysis, and balanced scorecards and have a good communication plan in place before starting a business. Summary of Initial SWOTT Analysis Considerations for the Business Strength | Providing healthy and fresh flowers with a big variety of flowers which can…show more content…
This company works with vendors that pride themselves in providing the freshest, most beautiful flowers, along with no long hold waits when ordering by phone and ensure delivery on time with flowers just as fresh and the day our vendors sent them. As well, fast courteous service when shopping in our stores. Our business quality and integrity keeps our customers coming back for more. Our vision statement: By providing fresh flowers, a good quality customer service we aim to please ethically, and honestly. Simply put: We Live to Serve our Customer’s Needs.” We, at Amy’s Flowers want to be able to make the customers we serve happy and satisfied in as many ways as possible. We train all of our employees by teaching them the value of honesty and what good customer service and other services can bring not only to this company but to the customer. This business will only hire the kind of employee that believes in honest hard work and shares the same vision and mission that this business stands behind. By adding all these steps and by implementing these strategic objectives we can realize the tactics and measure the target audiences as well. This business plan must also include the shareholder value or financial perspective, our customer value perspective; the business must know the process or internal operations perspective well keep a balance sheet on what goes in to the business and what goes out

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