Bus 475 Strategic Plan Part One Essay

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Please use this as a guide for your paper. Strategic Plan Part One: Eco Living Construction BUS/475 Strategic Plan Part One: Eco Living Construction The following is part one of the strategic plan for EcoLiving Construction. In the first part of the strategic plan I will define my business, the services provided, and the customers to be served with my mission statement. I will create a vision for my business to demonstrate what I want my…show more content…
The mission statement for EcoLiving is “To provide cost-effective, quality, and modern design and construction services while promoting greener living. Striving to advise and help our clients reduce their carbon footprint, along with our own, for the well being of our future generations.” Vision Statement According to Pearce and Robinson, “A vision statement presents the firm’s strategic intent that focuses the energies and resources of the company on achieving a desirable future,” (2009, p. 37). To put it simply the vision will paint a picture of what it will be in the future. The vision statement is going to be where the owners or board of directors, see the business going, and will change as the business grows. In order to achieve that goal it is good to have it in writing to help all those who are in the business visualize where the business is going and helping make that vision a reality in the future. The vision statement helps describe the purpose of the business. This also brings the businesses values out to show the customers and stakeholders what is valued most by the business. People have values that they hold dear to them and they look for businesses that are like minded in that sense because they feel connected to the business. The vision statement for EcoLiving Construction will be, “Helping people go ecofriendly with class and style.”
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