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Body Fitness Body Fitness is a new state of the art fitness facility coming to the valley that will offer the finest workout equipment, intense one-on-one personal training, proper supplemental nutrition plans, and strategic planning for a patient’s course of action to get in shape. Each fitness facility will offer the essential wide range of work out equipment and will be staffed to accommodate clients from high school age to retirement. Clients will consist of the average high school student struggling with weight, the college football player looking for supplemental professional and nutritional training, or the mother of four trying to lean up her body so she feels comfortable after enduring the impact four children may bring…show more content…
Body Fitness Vision The vision of Body Fitness, like any other business, is essential to the implementation, success, and growth of the brand and company. According to Pearce and Robinson (2009), a company mission statement is a “broadly framed yet enduring statement of a firm’s intent” (Chapter 1-2). Furthermore, it embodies the philosophies of a company’s strategic decision makers; it involves the firm’s self-concept, as well as the icon the firm seeks to project. Lastly, the key focus of a vision is to designate a company’s chief product and or service areas and the primary customer needs the business will attempt to satisfy (Pearce & Robinson, Chapter 1-2, 2009). The mission of Body Fitness is simple and concise. The intent of Body Fitness is to successfully implement the proper fitness techniques in to the lives of our customers. In doing so, our customer base will grow substantially, eventually expanding our brand, services and facilities. Body Fitness intends to set the standard on how professional fitness training needs to be incorporated in to the lives of our clientele by providing a service at a value, promoting health awareness, strategic meal and nutrition planning, and the personalization of a true personal fitness professional. Body Fitness intends to be a market leader in the valley of the

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