Bus 475 Week Five Final

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Quaterra Strategic Plan Final BUS/475 March 26, 2013 Quaterra Strategic Plan Final Every business needs a plan, in that plan businesses need direction. Business that want to be successful will have both a great plan going in a great direction, with investors, board members and employees that believe in the same outcome, together they will be willing to implement the plan in order to have success. Quaterra Alaska a junior exploration company has a plan to the leader in the mineral exploration world, while starting a new advancer into mining. Their plan is to take old mine sights and turn them in to a profit while helping clean up old mine sights that still hold good minerals. This idea has made a small town in the…show more content…
The advantages that Quaterra has are in its achievements, Quaterra believes that strong commodity fundamentals ensure success will be rewarded. Long-life discoveries in North America will only increase in value over time. As the Vice President has been quoted saying “stay the course and believe in the project”. The advantage is the way that the team believes in the discoveries (Quaterra Resources Inc, 2011). SWOTT Analysis Companies all have a strategic plan and in that plan, they have a SWOTT analysis. Meaning every company must identify their strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and trends. Quaterra Alaska Inc. a junior exploration company is no different from any other company and must provide a SWOTT analysis in their strategic plan. In the following tables, their internal SWOTT analysis and the external SWOTT analysis will be defined. Along with a description of the SWOTT analysis and a summary of what the company will conclude from the SWOTTs analysis. [pic] [pic] Shareholders Value and Financial Perspective Quaterra Alaska is an investor project, they riley on investors to buy into the market for all new funding a as of February 2013 the following stock options are available; “NYSE-MKT: QMM | TSX-V: QTA, Shares Outstanding 163 million, Fully Diluted 183.5 million, Recent Share Price US$0.26 / CDN$0.26, Market Cap US$40.7m /
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