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/////Ch 6 53) Strategy analysis and choice largely involves making ________ decisions based on ________ information. B) subjective; objective

54) Which stage in the strategy-formulation framework focuses on generating feasible alternative strategies? E) Matching

55) Which stage of the strategy-formulation framework involves the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix?
C) Stage 3

56) Which strategy-formulation technique reveals the relative attractiveness of alternative strategies and thus provides an objective basis for selecting specific strategies?

57) Each of the nine techniques included in the strategy formulation framework rely on the use of
D) intuition and analysis.

58) Which stage of the
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A) I

87) According to the Grand Strategy Matrix, which strategy is recommended for a firm with rapid market growth and a strong competitive position?
A) Market penetration

88) For companies located in Quadrant III of the Grand Strategy Matrix, the first strategy recommended is
A) extensive cost and asset reduction.

89) Although Quadrant ________ companies are growing, according to the Grand Strategy Matrix they are unable to compete effectively, and they need to determine why the firm's current approach is ineffective and how the company can best change to improve its competitiveness.

90) According to the Grand Strategy Matrix, organizations in which quadrant have a strong competitive position but are in a slow-growth industry?

91) Which matrix is included in the decision stage of the strategy formulation framework?
B) Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix

92) The top row of a QSPM consists of alternative strategies derived from all of the following except:
D) CPM Matrix

93) Which analytical tool determines the relative attractiveness of various strategies based on the extent to which key external and internal critical success factors are capitalized?

94) Which of the following is the first step in developing a QSPM?
E) Make a list of the firm's key external opportunities/threats and internal strengths/weaknesses in the left

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